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About Cooper Ninve

The Cooper Ninve Insurance Agency is one of the oldest and most prominent Israeli insurance agencies in the field of general insurance.

Cooper Ninve, Coverholder at Lloyd’s, works with some of the largest insurance companies in the world and our policies are underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.

Cooper Ninve works with reinsurance companies, an advantage that enables our policyholders and agents access to the world of international insurance.

Underwriting the policies in Israel is beneficial for insureds and agents in two main aspects – time and money.
Additionally and no less important, shortening the underwriting process and reducing the number of entities handling the application lowers premiums.
Our agency specializes in unique risks, liability insurance such as employer liability, product liability, third party, professional liability, medical malpractice, directors’ insurance, cash in transit, etc. We place an emphasis on providing solutions in areas which the local market cannot address adequately, while adapting to the insured’s changing insurance needs.
Cooper Ninve customizes special solutions for Israeli companies and international Israeli companies.
When it comes to a solution for projects, we place an emphasis on solving the client’s insurance needs while learning and understanding the client’s activity and the inherent possible exposure.
Cooper Ninve strives to provide our insureds and agents  professional and personal service, availability, claims management at the highest level by our claims department and the leading law firms in Israel.

Meet Our Experts

Shuki Natan


Priscilla Yosef

Underwriter of liabilities

Nina Kodner

Chief underwriter

Ilan Siw


Netta Ilany

Chief Legal Officer & Head of Compliance

Raz Bider

Controller & Finance Manager

Uri Klein

Systems Manager


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Low Voltage Installers

Low voltage systems are a broad field that includes any electrical system with a consumption level that does not exceed 1000 watts.

The prevalence of low voltage systems in our lives has created a great demand for the ongoing maintenance of these systems. This category includes installation of alarm systems and intercoms, security cameras and more.

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